This blog post was inspired by a recent experience. Yeah… I participated in a sexy, little home video. I might be a bit late on the trend, but it’s better to be late than never, and quite frankly: it is really sexy and funny to make a sex tape with someone you trust and have good sex with. Trusting your partner is also essential, and one of you should be able to do the editing part of the job too. But once it’s all done, it is really exciting and uplifting to view your very own sex video. It can bring a couple together, heat up cold relationships and bring even more hotness to broiling romances. 

Thanks to Paris and Kim and their infamous home sex videos, filming yourself in the act is no longer completely taboo. Like many couples, I am sure these famous celebrities simply want to spice up their sex lives with a little X-rated home movie. And it’s all fun and games until they accidentally upload it. Yeah, I know, it’s my nightmare, too. I hope my home video will never land on any porn website, LOL.

But aside from your tape ending up in the wrong hands, there are other concerns you might have about filming yourself—like how you and your partner will actually look in action. So if you’re really curious and want to try it, here are a few pointers to make sure you create a tape that’s sexy and not cringe-worthy—and, most importantly, how to destroy the evidence.

Light Up the Night

We all know lighting is crucial in a good film—hey, they even give out awards for that. Make sure you have enough lighting so that you can see everything you want to see—breasts, butts, penis, etc.—and not what you don’t want to see. Unless you’re a pro, make sure to do some test shots before you get started. Throw in some candles for an ambiance that will provide soft lighting and set a sensual mood. And if your camera can shoot through a filter—like black and white or sepia—use it. It’ll be a lot less jarring to watch yourselves in something other than HD. 

Show Us Your Moves

Think ahead and plan what moves you want to incorporate. Here is my personal advice: You should create a script together with your partner. You can construct a storyline per email, for example. That will not only contribute to a great movie, but it will keep your excitement upbeat until the actual shooting day comes. 

Don’t pick crazy positions you’ve never tried before, because it will probably end up looking more awkward than awesome. Think about what the camera will see; a position may feel great but look…gross. 

Dress the Part

Great films are all about building anticipation. For instance, a sexy striptease is a great way to start the sex tape: Start out the video partially dressed and slowly undress for the camera. Plus, dressing up for the occasion is bound to make you feel sexier and more prepared. Pick a lingerie set that makes you feel amazing or even do your hair and makeup so you’ll exude confidence. And if you want to throw in some sexy accessories like knee-highs, we’re pretty sure your partner won’t object.

Know Your Lines

Let’s not make this a silent film, that would be awkward. Throw in some dirty dialogue by describing what you’re feeling or what you want your partner to do to you. But if you don’t like to speak during the action, you can also build up a scenario without words. In this case, you will need good acting skills though. Pick nice music as background to break the silence. Today’s advanced technology lets you add music afterward too. 

Let It Go

If you’ve ever been forced to participate in a school play, you’ve heard that anything you are thinking or feeling will show on your face. If you are self-conscious about your body or your facial expressions, it’s going to show. The camera doesn’t lie. So to take your mind off any anxiety, focus more on how your body feels during sex and less on what your body looks like. Trust me, your O-face is going to look better if you’re not trying to fight it. Keep in mind: this video is made for you and your partner only, so you shouldn’t be too concerned about how you look. He/she likes you exactly the way you are. So let’s just have fun with it and enjoy the process. 

Be Safe and Purge Accordingly  

Most importantly, do not make a sex tape with someone you don’t trust, and always be in control of the video. If you’re not exactly a tech whiz or you have no idea how to use the Cloud, you might want to skip the iPad and go old school using a regular camera to make sure it doesn’t end up saved somewhere without you knowing. Watch it right after you finish, then delete it immediately for maximal security. Seriously—we don’t care how hot you look. You don’t need that lying around; after all, you can always make another one.

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